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Clothing industry equipment solutions

Company Profile

The parent company of SHENZHEN YIMING IMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (abbreviation: IMS) is Dongguan Diaobao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the company has a number of invention patents, utility patents through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the European Union CE certification and the national high-tech enterprises and other certifications, more than 20 years experience in the material cutting, is a one-stop cutting solution provider of non-metal material.
We have more than 60 employees, 20% of whom are R&D technicians, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. We not only focus on the R&D, production and sales of CNC cutting machines, engraving machines, and laser machines; we have a strong supply chain that can provide clothing, One-stop equipment procurement center for leather, advertising, packaging and other industries.
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  • 01Garment Equipment Industry Overview

  • 02Solution Introduction

  • 03Machine Introduction

  • 04Service Process




Overview of  Industry


Overview of Industry

As the fashion industry continues to develop, the apparel industry's demand for equipment solutions is gradually increasing. In this highly competitive industry, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring product quality are challenges faced by every clothing company. Therefore, choosing the right equipment solution has become a critical link.

To meet the needs of the apparel industry, various types of equipment solutions have emerged on the market. Among them, intelligent production lines are one of the solutions commonly chosen by clothing companies. These intelligent production lines can realize automated production, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In addition, intelligent production lines can also ensure product quality consistency, thus improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition to production lines, the apparel industry also requires a variety of other equipment to assist the production process. Such as cutting machines, sewing machines, ironing machines, etc. These equipment can help companies improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and ensure product quality. With the continuous advancement of technology, these devices are also constantly upgraded. For example, some intelligent cutting machines can automatically adjust the cutting path according to the pattern of the product, greatly improving the accuracy of cutting.

Equipment solutions are vital to the apparel industry. Choosing the right equipment solutions can help companies improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality. With the development of technology, we believe that more and more advanced equipment solutions will appear in the future to help the clothing industry develop better.



Solution content


Solution one

For ordinary fabrics and ordinary clothing: an integrated solution of [pattern making → cutting → sewing]


Solution two

For cycling clothing and related printed series clothing: an integrated solution of [printing → cutting → sewing]

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  • Auxiliary machineseg9

For cycling clothing and related printed series clothing: an integrated solution of [printing → cutting → sewing]

  • Printing:Digital printing machine; Heat transfer machine
  • Cutting:Fully automatic printed garment cutting machine
  • Sewing:multifunctional sewing machine
  • Auxiliary machines:Fabric spreading machine; Fabric Alignment Machine


Solution advantages



Equipment introduction--Pattern copying machine

01 Sample Scanner

or Pattern copying machine, scanner, industry applications: sofa furniture, bags, paintings, tents, sheet metal, boilers, clothing, automotive interiors, outdoor products, advertising signage production.


● Quickly generate PLT,DXF,PDF and other format filesSupport winXP-10 computer systemCompatible with a variety of CAD software


● According to the thicknessof the detected object,twomodes of manual scanningand automatic scanningare provided,and themaximum thickness canreach 35MMThe software directly grabs the outline,andonly needs a simpleadjustment,you can quickly make a layout.

● Equipped with a high-definitionscanning head,it can identifypieces of various colors andsizes,and can identify variousattributes such as knife edges,punching points,grid lines,cloth lines,and cutting text.


Equipment introduction--Pattern copying machine

02 Economy Scanners

Applications: Furniture, apparel, luggage, automotive interior and exterior, yachts, RVs, construction, metal, wood panel products, etc

Economy Scanners17r2

Model: L-9012

● Packaging size: 160*1600*300mm (length*width*height)

● Packaging size: 160*1600*300mm (length*width*height)

● Working size: 820*1200mm

● Working voltage: AC 220V 50HZ

● Equipment weight: 50KG

● Scanning speed: 2000mm/min

● Scanning accuracy: ≤0.3mm

● Material height: <5mm

● Output file format: DXF PLT JPG

Economy Scanners2j5u


Equipment introduction--Pattern Making machine

Pattern Making machine1t4gPattern Making machine2v4wPattern Making machine3c4q

01 Pattern Making machine

Suitable for cutting honeycomb board, corrugated cardboard, plastic corrugated cardboard, gray cardboard, white cardboard, film, composite materials, pearl cotton, KT board (and other packaging materials) and a variety of fabrics. To meet the needs of customers for rapid prototyping, can be made without the need to make knife molds in advance.

Powerful automatic layout system, can be perfectly compatible with CAD compatible to shorten the layout time. High efficiency and intelligent layout saves material. Utilization rate up to 90%. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi servo drive motor with high performance cutting head to make the whole machine in the high-speed cutting operation more stable, higher precision.


Equipment introduction--Cutting machine


01 Fully automatic printed garment cutting machine

● It is very flexible in operation, and can be used for a variety of materials to realize the operation of multiple processes as one, such as cutting, marking, punching, drawing, and even personalized cutting in one go. It reduces the tediousness of operation, eliminates the need for knife molds and paper samples, and releases your freedom of design, making it a fully automatic cutting machine for packaging materials, shoes, and garments.

● The fully automatic computerized cutting machine system is used to manage the plates, and the storage of data is automatically arranged by the computer. No need to spend time to look up the original sheet, just click on the computer button, find the original information needed, you can directly call or make changes.


Equipment introduction--Cutting machine


02 Multi-layer computerized cutting machine

● The material arrangement system through the computer design, manual and computer automatic effective combination, improve the efficiency of material arrangement, ordinary personnel as long as familiar with the computer operation, can also be in a week to master the material arrangement skills; equipment can realize zero-pitch cutting, effective saving of raw materials; computer-controlled automatic cutting, instead of a large number of cutting workers, to achieve batch production; equipment cutting out the high precision of the cut piece, the turner does not have to trim the cut piece can be direct The precision of the cut pieces cut by the equipment is high, and the turner can sew directly without trimming the cut pieces, which effectively improves the sewing efficiency of the turner.

● Cutting machine control software supports multi-source data format: can directly receive commonly used clothing design, layout software; unique algorithms and motion control technology, to achieve the seamless integration of straight lines and arcs, cutting high precision; equipment using automatic knife grinding technology, grinding time can be designed according to the characteristics of the fabric, effectively extend the service life of the cutting knife; no need to print, storage of the paper version of the high rate of reuse, convenient plate making and management; consumables are easy to replace, low replacement costs; high degree of automation, simple operation. Management; easy to replace consumables, low replacement cost; high degree of automation, simple operation.


Equipment introduction--Printing machine


01 Digital Printing Machine

● High precision and high resolution: Digital printing machines can print on clothing with high precision and high resolution, and can achieve the expression of complex patterns and details.

● Fast and flexible: Digital printing machines can print quickly and are suitable for small batches and customized production. Compared with traditional printing methods, digital printing machines are more flexible and can adjust patterns and colors at any time.

● Environmental protection and energy saving: Digital printing machines use water-based ink or dye ink for printing, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than traditional dyes and pigments, and reduces the emission of chemical waste.

● Diversified designs: Digital printing machines can achieve a variety of designs, including photorealistic printing, gradient printing, three-dimensional effects, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

● Suitable for a variety of materials: Digital printing machines are not only suitable for textiles, but can also print on leather, plastic, metal and other materials, with a wide range of applications.


Equipment introduction--Printing machine


02 Heat Sublimation Transfer Machine

● Working principle: The sublimation transfer machine uses high-temperature and high-pressure heat pressing to transfer the pre-printed pattern to the surface of the target material through heat transfer paper. While being hot-pressed, the pigments in the thermal ink are converted into gas and penetrate into the surface of the material, forming a pattern.

● Applicable materials: The sublimation transfer machine is suitable for various types of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. In addition to fabrics, it can also be used to transfer to ceramics, metals, glass and other materials.

● Pattern design: Patterns are usually produced through computer design software and printed using special thermal transfer paper. Before transferring, you must ensure that the pattern is bright, clear, and adapted to the characteristics of the chosen material.

● Features and advantages: Sublimation transfer technology has the advantages of bright colors, strong durability, wide application range, and high production efficiency. It can achieve complex patterns and gradient colors while being highly washable and wear-resistant.

● Application areas: Dye-sublimation transfer machines are widely used in the clothing industry for the printing of customized T-shirts, sportswear, swimsuits, hats and other clothing products. In addition, it is also used in the production of gifts, advertising signs, outdoor decoration and other fields.


Equipment introduction--Fabric spreading machine


01 Fully automatic fabric spreading machine

● Automated Spreading: Fully automated spreading machines can automatically spread fabric or paper in a specified position, reducing the need for manual spreading.

● Efficient production: Automation of the laying process increases productivity, especially in large-scale production, and significantly reduces fabric preparation time.

● FABRIC CONTROL SYSTEM: With the advanced control system, the machine can precisely control the tension, speed and direction of fabric spreading to ensure the uniformity and flatness of the fabric.

● Suitable for different types of fabrics:It can be adapted to different types of fabrics, including cotton, wool, polyester and so on, in order to meet the production needs of different products.

● Raw material savings: By effectively controlling the spreading process, the machine helps to reduce waste and increase raw material utilization.

● Easy to Operate: Fully automatic spreaders usually have a user-friendly interface and are easy to operate, allowing even unfamiliar staff to get started quickly.

● Synergy with other production equipment: The ability to work with other production equipment, such as cutting machines, to create a more complete production line.


Equipment introduction--Fabric Alignment Machine


01 Fabric Alignment Machine

Fabric Alignment Machine is a device used to adjust and correct the position of fabric during the manufacturing process. These machines are commonly used in the textile, printing, and cutting industries to ensure that fabrics are kept in the correct position on the production line, thereby improving productivity and product quality. :

● Deskewing function: The fabric deskewer is mainly used to adjust and correct the position of the fabric to ensure its correct alignment on the production line.

● Automation: Automated control system, capable of correcting the fabric according to preset parameters and real-time feedback.

● Real-time monitoring: Through sensors or vision systems, the position of the fabric can be monitored in real time and adjusted accordingly.

● SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF FABRICS: It can be adapted to different types of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers and so on.

● Fast Response: The ability to respond quickly to detect deviations and make adjustments in time to maintain stable production line operation.

● Adjustable parameters: Adjustable parameters to meet different production requirements and fabric characteristics.

● Operator Interface: A user-friendly operator interface allows the operator to easily perform setup and monitoring.

The use of fabric deflectors prevents fabric deviations during the production process and ensures the continuous and efficient operation of the production line. This is essential to improve the automation of the manufacturing process and the quality of the product.


Equipment introduction--Sewing machine


01 Sewing machines

Capable of sewing at high speeds to meet the requirements of mass production.

● Multi-functional sewing: Different sewing patterns and functions are available for different sewing needs, including straight stitch, zigzag stitch, lockstitch, decorative stitching and so on.

● Durability: Industrial sewing machines are often built with stronger construction and materials to ensure long-lasting, high-strength use on a variety of materials: able to handle a wide range of different types and thicknesses of fabrics, including light gauze, denim, leather, and more.

● Automation: Some advanced industrial sewing machines may be equipped with automation features, such as automatic thread cutting, automatic thread winding, etc., to improve productivity.

● Large Capacity Spools: With large capacity spools, it is suitable for long production runs and reduces the frequency of thread breakage.

● High-voltage foot lifting: With high-voltage foot lifting function, it can be adapted to different thicknesses of fabrics.

● Direct-drive or servo motors: Some industrial sewing machines utilize direct-drive or servo motors to provide more precise control and higher energy efficiency.

● Easy-to-use interface: Easy-to-use control panel designed for easy setup and adjustment by the operator.

● RELIABLE SEAM SYSTEM: Equipped with a reliable seam system to ensure sewing quality and consistency.

● Safety features: Designed to automatically stop or prevent finger pinching.



service process

After-sales and training

First-class after-sales service and professional technical engineers installation and commissioning and training.
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