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The parent company of SHENZHEN YIMING IMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (abbreviation: IMS) is Dongguan Diaobao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the company has a number of invention patents, utility patents through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the European Union CE certification and the national high-tech enterprises and other certifications, more than 20 years experience in the material cutting, is a one-stop cutting solution provider of non-metal material.
We have more than 60 employees, 20% of whom are R&D technicians, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. We not only focus on the R&D, production and sales of CNC cutting machines, engraving machines, and laser machines; we have a strong supply chain that can provide clothing, One-stop equipment procurement center for leather, advertising, packaging and other industries.
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  • 01Packaging Equipment Industry Overview

  • 02Solution Introduction

  • 03Machine Introduction

  • 04Service Process




industry overview


Overview of Industry

Packaging cutting machines are a vital part of the packaging industry, they are used to cut raw materials (e.g. cardboard, foam, EVA, etc.) into the required shapes and sizes to make a variety of packaging products.

Types and Functions: Packaging cutting equipment includes a variety of different types of machines, such as paper cutter, CNC cutter, die cutter, laser cutter and so on. They can cut, die-cut, engrave, punch, etc. as needed to meet the production needs of different packaging products.

Application: Packaging cutting machines are widely used in packaging manufacturing in various industries such as food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, toys and so on. They can produce various types of packaging products, such as cartons, paper bags, foam packaging, plastic packaging, gift boxes, etc.

Technological innovation: With the progress of science and technology, packaging cutting equipment continues to carry out technological innovation, including automation, intelligence, digitalization and other aspects. Some advanced equipment with automatic tool adjustment, automatic tool change, remote monitoring and other functions, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Market Trend: As consumer demand for personalized and customized packaging continues to increase, the packaging industry's demand for cutting equipment is also increasing. At the same time, increased awareness of environmental protection and the strengthening of regulations also promote the packaging industry to the direction of sustainable development, which puts forward new challenges to the technical requirements of cutting equipment.

In summary, packaging cutting equipment is an indispensable and important equipment in the packaging industry, with the changes in market demand and technological innovation, its status and role in the industry will continue to improve.



Solution content


Solution advantages



Equipment Introduction - Packaging Liner Proofing

01 Packaging Liner Proofing Machine

Adopt advanced digital technology to realize fast and accurate carton proofing. Support personalized customization to meet customers' special requirements on carton appearance and size. Greatly improve the proofing efficiency and shorten the time to market.

Adopt servo motor control mode, can be preset to store the depth of the knife pressure, compared with the old pneumatic head, completely bid farewell to the manual adjustment of the depth of the knife pressure of the history of experience, can be easily digitized micro-adjustment, but also completely solve the problem of pneumatic pressure with the temperature, with the time of the high and low fluctuations and can not be constant.

Controller from the previous computer motherboard card era, upgraded to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controller, can be connected to any ordinary computer (including notebooks), do not need to specialize in another high-powered computer, such as computer failure can be easily replaced by an ordinary computer to operate the equipment, completely eliminating the previous computer link failures also lead to the paralysis of cutting equipment.

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Equipment Introduction - -Cutting

01 Horizontal and vertical slitting machine

Advantage:Save the time of adjusting the knife, adjust the size within 30 seconds, more convenient operation, good safety, suitable for small and large batch production

Cross-cutting knife servo control, equipment stability, slitting noise is small, slitting speed, high production efficiency.

After setting the required length and width dimensions, the EPE sheet will be slit horizontally and vertically, replacing the traditional hand-adjusted knife horizontal and vertical slitting machine. The machine can be used to cut the EPE sheet in both vertical and horizontal directions

Application: Mainly used for vertical and horizontal slitting of EPE sheet, can automatically adjust the knife, instead of the traditional manual adjustment of the knife vertical and horizontal slitting machine

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Equipment Introduction - -Cutting

02 Vertical slitting machine

The whole machine has short-circuit, phase failure, overload protection function, high safety performance.

The large working table is suitable for cutting wide width and multi-layer materials at the same time.

Simple operation, high accuracy, stable walking, fast cutting speed, high productivity.

Mainly used for pearl cotton, sponge, shoe material, EVA, coconut fiber, bubble film, leather, foam, honeycomb paper, honeycomb corrugated cardboard and other soft or hard packaging materials such as sheet material slitting into blocks.

The length of the knife guide can be customized and adjusted to achieve the purpose of cutting different thickness of pearl cotton material. The pearl cotton through the guide knife frame can ensure that the cut products are vertical, flat, no beveled edges, good consistency.

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Equipment Introduction - Material Bonding

01 Pearl cotton bonding machine

Mainly used for EPE pearl cotton profiles of the upper and lower layers of adhesive molding, dual-station can be operated independently of different products to meet the needs of multi-products, improve yield and production efficiency. Replace the traditional hot air gun, hot sol, can be used for food packaging, medical equipment, furniture and other industries. The equipment through the spindle needle plate to take the upper layer of the product to be processed after the material, it will be quickly moved to the ironing board for heating, and then the heated material and the bottom layer of the material to be perfectly affixed.

Simple operation, advanced equipment system, touch screen control, high efficiency.

Adopting double-station AB table design, that is, it can operate different products independently, but also can cooperate with each other for one product

The finished product is beautiful, adopting multi-axis servo control, imported electrical components and controllers, the equipment runs smoothly and smoothly.

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Equipment Introduction - Precision Cutting

01 Stamping Presses

Stamping without arc, the material neat, high precision, strong stability; the use of high-precision imported controllers, servo system control, easy to operate; instead of the traditional knife mold process, a stamping and waste discharge molding, high production efficiency, instead of the traditional punching and waste discharge process, you can realize the one-time completion of the pearl cotton stamping, slitting, waste discharge process.

The equipment adopts the same service motor system to drive the hardware die to complete the punching and cutting action from the bottom upward, so that the material is punched through and the waste material will be discharged automatically in the next action.

The finished product is beautiful, stamping without curvature, neatly aligned materials, high precision, strong stability Adopting high precision controller, servo system control, easy to operate, instead of the traditional knife and die process, a stamping and waste discharge molding, high production efficiency.

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Equipment Introduction - Precision Cutting

02 Cutting machine

Four-column double-cylinder structure design, supporting CNC feeding system, feeding length more accurate, increase efficiency, improve safety, product consistency is good.

Sheet material does not need to open the material, can be put directly into the feeding table to achieve the purpose of continuous automatic punching, punching 500-550 times / hour, greatly improving the efficiency and speed, easy to set the operation of the die, accurate, shorten the time to change the die.

The return height of the press can be adjusted arbitrarily, thus realizing the shortening of the entire work cycle

It can be equipped with two kinds of feeding table, suction cup feeding table and platform conveyor. High safety, intermittent single-stroke operation, with emergency stop device to ensure safe operation.

Mainly used for one-time molding and cutting out the required products, including all kinds of protective frame, packaging, lining, etc It is suitable for EPE pearl cotton sheet or roll material and EVA, leather goods and other low density sheet or roll material.

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Equipment Introduction - Precision Cutting

03 Packaging liner cutter

Mainly used for cutting packaging liner materials, such as foam, pearl cotton. Through precise numerical control technology, it can realize fast and accurate cutting of lining materials to meet the demand of packaging structure. At the same time, the liner cutting machine has high-precision positioning and adjustment functions, which can ensure the fit between the liner material and the box, and improve the overall effect of the packaging.

Efficient and Stable:The double-head cutting design enables the machine to cut two materials at the same time in a fast and stable way, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

High precision:Adopting advanced cutting technology ensures high precision of cutting and effectively reduces material waste.

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service process

After-sales and training

First-class after-sales service and professional technical engineers installation and commissioning and training.
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