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JEKE vibration knife cutting machine with CCD spindle

Vibrating knife cutting machines

JEKE vibration knife cutting machine with CCD spindle


    Equipment size 3550 * 2050 * 1750mm
    Spindle speed 24000RPM/MIN
    Motor Leiser
    Spindle Changsheng
    Table top vacuum adsorption
    Vacuum pump 5.5KW
    Frequency converter BEST
    Guide rail imported linear guide rail
    Rack Imported rack
    Electrical appliances high-quality electrical components

    Product Features

    Vibrating Knife Cutting Machines (10)n68

    High precision cutting: Using vibration knife technology, it can accurately cut various materials, ensuring cutting accuracy and quality.
    CCD visual positioning system: Through CCD, accurate image information of materials can be captured, achieving automatic positioning and intelligent cutting, improving the accuracy and efficiency of cutting.
    Multi axis design: equipped with multiple axes, it can achieve one machine cutting of composite materials, adapting to the processing needs of different shapes and sizes of materials.
    Multifunctionality: Suitable for cutting various materials such as leather, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, etc.
    High degree of automation: able to automatically layout, optimize cutting paths, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency.
    Easy to operate: user-friendly interface, easy to operate and set cutting parameters.

    Product Advantages

    Improve production efficiency: Fast and precise cutting, reducing production time and costs.
    Improving product quality: Accurate cutting ensures consistency and high quality of the product.
    Enhancing competitiveness: Advanced technology and functions enable enterprises to have a greater advantage in market competition.

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