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JEKE Rolling Platform Die Cutting Machine

Vibrating knife cutting machines

JEKE Rolling Platform Die Cutting Machine

The streamlined rice gold body, designed with dedication and ubiquitous texture, embodies the beauty of technology alone.

The independently developed advanced high-end multi axis high-speed servo motion control system produces stunning works with precise cutting, smooth curves, and high energy strength.

The automatic feeding device easily achieves perfect docking for long format cutting processing, and with the support of the industrial camera real-time tracking system, achieves precise and stable contour cutting.

Using a servo motor to drive the imported linear guide rail transmission mode, combined with intelligent AI algorithms, to bring a better operating experience for your irregular cutting.

Comprehensively expand various transmission interfaces, USB, USB flash drives, Ethernet ports, and create efficient cutting experiences for different scenarios.

The patented platform structure design, multi zone vacuum adsorption design, low noise, strong suction help you easily control the adsorption of small samples.

Automatic contour extraction and edge cutting no longer require professional computer operators, greatly reducing the entry threshold for equipment operators.

The industrial camera real-time tracking system is precise and sensitive, and can quickly identify and cut various complex irregular patterns.

A 7-inch LCD high-definition touch screen makes the field of view more beautiful and the control more convenient.

    Machine Configuration Parameters

    Model FC1313U \ FC1613U
    Work characteristics Through software settings, complex cutting processes such as full cutting, half cutting, punching, creases, etc. can be achieved on the machine.
    Effective cutting area 1300mm * 1300mm \ 1600mm * 1300mm
    Fastest speed 1100mm/s
    Cutting thickness ≤ 1mm
    Cutting materials crystal labels, PP paper, photo paper, car stickers, light film, matte film, reflective film, floor film, cardboard, instant stickers, stickers, magnetic stickers, etc. (for sheet materials, optional installation of vibration knives is required)
    Pen type/Knife type Semi transparent sharp knife, fully transparent sharp knife, drawing pen, indentation knife (optional vibration knife, milling knife, punching knife)
    Fixed method vacuum adsorption
    Cutting accuracy ≤ 0.1mm
    Repetitive cutting accuracy ≤ 0.1mm
    Transmission connection USB offline network port
    File systems DXF, PLT, TIFF, JPG formats (pioneering image read-only mode)
    Operation interface touch screen, computer
    Transmission system servo, imported linear guide rail
    Working voltage/rate AC 220 ± 10% 50-60Hz
    Vacuum pump power 2.2KW 220V single-phase
    Working environment Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C, Humidity: 20%~80%
    External dimensions 2000 * 1980 * 1300mm

    Performance characteristics

    Vibrating Knife Cutting Machines (5)725

    JEKE Rolling Platform Die Cutting Machine is an intelligent cutting equipment specifically designed for flexible materials such as PVC/leather/cardboard/kraft paper self-adhesive/TPU/reflective film. Since its launch, it has been widely used in packaging printing, paper industry, packaging materials, packaging design, digital sampling, furniture packaging, advertising and clothing cutting, reflective film cutting, non adhesive die cutting, automotive invisible car clothing and other industries.