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DIY Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Cutting Plotter

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DIY Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Cutting Plotter

Bring Your Designs to Life
We believe in making high quality, high performance laser technology products accessible to everyone. The laser systems are backed by a standard of excellence in both functionality and usability, allowing you to focus on creating more of what you love.
Experience your designs on a wide range of materials, from stone to leather. Personalize your stainless steel thermos or etch your most precious photos on a frameless glass. powerfully precise lasers allow you to turn almost any material into your next blank canvas.
Intuitive Software:
The easy to use beam studio software comes with preset power and speed parameters for quick cuts. As well as fully customizable parameters for advanced users.
Effortless Autofocus:
Enjoy a seamless experience with Autofocus, and cut through thicker materials, precisely, with multiple passes.

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    The 3D scanner handheld is a portable and powerful device. Its lightweight design allows users to operate it with one hand and can be used flexibly in various scenarios. Through advanced optical technology, it can quickly and accurately capture the three-dimensional shape and details of objects.

    This handheld 3D scanner has high-precision measurement capabilities and can accurately obtain geometric information on the surface of objects. Whether it is complex industrial parts, exquisite works of art or human body parts, they can be scanned and reconstructed in detail. It has a wide range of applications and plays an important role in industrial design, reverse engineering, cultural relics protection, medical and other fields.

    When using it, the user only needs to bring the scanner close to the surface of the object and move it along a certain trajectory, and the device will automatically collect data. Subsequently, the supporting software will process and analyze the data to generate a high-quality 3D model. Its portability and ease of use make it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts, providing strong technical support for innovation and design.