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DIY 500W CNC Router Machine 4030 Pro

Engraving Machines

DIY 500W CNC Router Machine 4030 Pro

High Power Spindle & All-metal Body
CNC 4030 pro is all aluminum,working area is 380 x 280 x 73 mm. With a high powerful 500W spindle,it's ideal for cutting, drilling, and carving on different materials .


    Bring Your Designs to Life
    The 4030 DIY desktop engraving router machine is an engraving device suitable for home and small studios. Here are some common information about the 4030 DIY desktop engraving machine:

    1. Machine features:

    - Compact design: 4030 usually refers to the size of the engraving machine's working area, which is 40 cm x 30 cm. This compact design makes it suitable for placement on the desktop and takes up less space.

    - Versatility: It can be used to engrave a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, acrylic, leather, etc., to meet the needs of different DIY projects.

    - Digital control: With a digital control system, users can design and operate the engraving process through a computer or other control device to improve the accuracy and efficiency of engraving.

    - Customizability: Some 4030 DIY desktop engraving machines allow users to customize them according to their needs, such as changing knives, adjusting engraving depth, etc.

    2. Application areas:

    - Handmade: used to make personalized gifts, decorations, handicrafts, etc.

    - Model making: suitable for making model parts such as models, toys, airplanes, cars, etc.
    - Logo making: can engrave logos, nameplates, seals, etc.
    - Education and learning: used to teach engraving techniques and creative design in schools, training institutions or personal learning.

    3. Operation steps:

    - Design pattern: Use relevant software to design the pattern or text to be engraved.

    - Set parameters: According to the material and engraving requirements, set the parameters of the engraving machine, such as engraving depth, speed, etc.
    - Install material: Fix the material to be engraved on the workbench of the engraving machine.
    - Perform engraving: Start the engraving machine and let it engrave according to the designed pattern.
    - Complete the work: After the engraving is completed, remove the engraved work and perform necessary follow-up processing.