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Leather cutting machine solutions

Company Profile

The parent company of SHENZHEN YIMING IMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (abbreviation: IMS) is Dongguan Diaobao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the company has a number of invention patents, utility patents through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the European Union CE certification and the national high-tech enterprises and other certifications, more than 20 years experience in the material cutting, is a one-stop cutting solution provider of non-metal material.
We have more than 60 employees, 20% of whom are R&D technicians, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. We not only focus on the R&D, production and sales of CNC cutting machines, engraving machines, and laser machines; we have a strong supply chain that can provide clothing, One-stop equipment procurement center for leather, advertising, packaging and other industries.
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  • 01Overview of the Leather Cutting Equipment Industry

  • 02Solution Introduction

  • 03Machine Introduction

  • 04Service Process




industry overview


Overview of Industry

Cutting equipment in leather products manufacturing has an extremely important role. Leather products manufacturing process, cutting equipment precision, efficiency and stability directly affect the quality of leather products and production efficiency.

First of all, the precision of the cutting equipment has a crucial impact on the dimensional accuracy and appearance quality of leather products. In the manufacture of leather products, cutting equipment needs to be able to according to the design requirements, accurately cut out various shapes and sizes of leather parts. If the precision of the cutting equipment is not enough, it will lead to the size deviation of the leather parts is too large, affecting the assembly and appearance quality.

Secondly, the efficiency and stability of cutting equipment will also affect the production efficiency of leather products. Cutting equipment of high efficiency, cutting speed, can greatly improve the production efficiency of leather products, reduce production costs. The stability of the cutting equipment is good, can ensure that the equipment long-term, stable operation, reduce failure and maintenance costs

In addition, with the development of science and technology, a variety of new cutting equipment continues to emerge, such as vibration knife cutting machine. These new cutting equipment with higher precision, efficiency and stability, can better meet the needs of leather products manufacturing.

Therefore, the choice of suitable cutting equipment for leather products manufacturing is very important. In the choice of cutting equipment, according to their own production needs and budget and other factors for comprehensive consideration, choose the most cost-effective equipment.



Solution content


Solution advantages



Equipment introduction--Leather cutting machine

01 Leather Cutting Machines

It is capable of cutting leather materials of various thicknesses quickly and accurately. Through precise numerical control technology,it realizes high precision processing effect and meets the high quality requirement of leather products. The machine can be equipped with different knives to adapt to the cutting of different leather materials

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Equipment introduction--Leather cutting machine

02 Leather punching and cutting machine

Equipped with punching and cutting functions, it can process the leather material with perforation and pattern cutting. To meet the demand for personalized customization of leather products, to improve the added value of products, integrated design simplifies the production process and improves production efficiency.

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Equipment introduction--Leather cutting machine

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03 Double beam reciprocating leather cutting machine

Adopts double beam design to realize fast and stable leather cutting. Suitable for processing leather products of different shapes and sizes, improving production flexibility, allowing for more precise cutting results and more efficient cutting speeds.


Equipment introduction-- Leather Cutting machine


04 Leather batch cutting machine

Leather Cutting Machine: It is suitable for continuous cutting of leather materials and efficiently accomplishes mass production. Equipped with a high-precision guiding system to ensure accurate cutting size and improve product quality. It is an indispensable equipment for mass production of leather.

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service process

After-sales and training

First-class after-sales service and professional technical engineers installation and commissioning and training.
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