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Advertising Industry Equipment Solution

Company Profile

The parent company of SHENZHEN YIMING IMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (abbreviation: IMS) is Dongguan Diaobao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the company has a number of invention patents, utility patents through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the European Union CE certification and the national high-tech enterprises and other certifications, more than 20 years experience in the material cutting, is a one-stop cutting solution provider of non-metal material.
We have more than 60 employees, 20% of whom are R&D technicians, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. We not only focus on the R&D, production and sales of CNC cutting machines, engraving machines, and laser machines; we have a strong supply chain that can provide clothing, One-stop equipment procurement center for leather, advertising, packaging and other industries.
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  • 01Advertising Equipment Industry Overview

  • 02UV Poster Printing Equipment

  • 03Metal Lettering Production Equipment

  • 04Indoor Signage Manufacturing Equipment

  • 05Equipment Catalog

  • 06Service Process




Overview of  Industry


Overview of Industry

1. advertising equipment is an important part of the advertising production industry, used for advertising design into the actual engraving, printing and other products. With the increase in demand for personalized and customized advertising, this program is designed to provide one-stop equipment solutions for both indoor and outdoor advertising signage industry, and is also a one-stop equipment procurement center. Advertising equipment is generally used in the advertising industry, and is divided into indoor and outdoor two forms. Now there are a number of UV flatbed machine and other advertising equipment is applied to the advertising industry, as well as lettering machines, engraving machines, spray painting machines, laser cutting and welding equipment, etc., to achieve efficient production.

2. Common advertising materials

Wood: wooden advertising signs, antique cultural signs, etc.

Acrylic: transparent, good texture, mini letters, neon fonts in indoor and outdoor advertising in a wide range of applications.

PVC sheet: lightweight and flexible, suitable for outdoor signage and KT advertising boards.

Metal: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., commonly used in high-end brand identity, suitable for outdoor.



UV Poster

Printing Equipment


Cost Control and Benefit Analysis



Process Flow Description

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  • Cutting Process

    CNC cutting machine or laser cutting machine is utilized to cut the sheet metal, according to the shape and size of the designed contour. This step ensures that the shape of each letter is accurate.

  • Bending And Molding Process

    A bending machine is used to bend sheet metal into the desired shape for the design. This step is usually used to create the sides and backs of letters.

  • Welding Process

    According to the metal material to choose the appropriate welding method, such as argon arc welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, etc., to ensure the welding quality and strength.


Equipment introduction--Cutting

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Metal fiber laser cutting machine

Adopting high-energy laser beam to cut metal materials quickly and accurately, suitable for stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials processing.

Auto-focus laser head, anti-collision function, automatic water cooling is more suitable for long time cutting easy to realize the thick plate fast perforation and different thickness of material plate automatic cutting. Selected cutting head design lightweight, acceleration fast drift-free distance, sensor closed optical path protection continuous protection of the lens.


Equipment Introduction -- Bending And Molding

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CNC bending machine

Full-automatic feeding, automatic slotting according to the characteristics of the character, automatic bending, slotting method using the guide rail screw system, ultra-hardness white steel blade slotting low cost, good results, bending system using servo plus reducer system, to solve the phenomenon of stainless steel bending folding motionless.

Adjustable pneumatic feeding device. The size can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material to minimize the damage to the surface of the material. Humanized operation software, automatically adjust the depth of grooving, can quickly change the blade.


Equipment Introduction--Smoke Treatment


Smoke Processor

Smoke processor is a specialized equipment for eliminating smoke and harmful gases. Pure copper motor strong wind power, strong power, corrosion resistance, long life; carbon fiber activated carbon filter, effective dust purification rate is high, easy to disassemble; barrel-type cartridge washable filter element, high filtration efficiency, large area, long life cycle; noise reduction design, low noise and low consumption. Multi-purpose machine, suitable for a variety of laser welding scenarios.



Indoor Signage

Advertising Equipment


Commonly Used Processing Materials For Indoor Advertising


Equipment Introduction--Cutting & Engraving

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Advertising shaped engraving machine

It can mill and cut a variety of hard materials, such as: acrylic, snowboard, plastic hollow board, PVC, etc. It can also cut a variety of flexible materials, such as photographic paper, foam board, light box sheet, knife scraping cloth, canvas, PP adhesive backing, self-adhesive, KT board, Andi board, etc.

CCD camera positioning precision cutting, improve production efficiency, improve quality. Various thicknesses can be cut at will. Whether it is self-adhesive photo paper banner cloth, or acrylic chenille thick foam can be cut beautifully.


Equipment Introduction--Cutting & Engraving


Non-metal laser cutting machine

It uses a high power density laser beam to cut various non-metallic materials. This type of cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed, small heat-affected zone and no mechanical stress.

Widely used pu, organic glass, EVA, sponge, pearl cotton, plastic, PVC type, paper and other materials. Non-metal laser cutting machine also has the advantages of easy operation, low cost, high productivity. It can be automated under computer control, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.


Equipment Introduction--Cutting


Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is a kind of modernized industrial equipment,which is widely used in cutting and engraving of various non-metallic materials such as acrylic,wood panel,stone,leather,fabric,leather,leather,leatherette,cowhide,insulated cotton,fabric,acrylic,paper,wood panel. It is characterized by high precision, high efficiency and flexibility, and can meet the needs of different industries.

Laser cutting machine adopts advanced laser technology to realize precise cutting of various materials. This high-precision cutting method not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures product quality and consistency.


Equipment Introduction--Cutting


Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

Unlimited Cutting Patterns:The vibrating knife cutting machine for advertising packaging can be personalized according to different needs, capable of cutting various complex patterns and shapes to meet the diversified needs of advertising packaging.

Automatic loading and unloading: The vibrating knife cutting machine for advertising packaging is equipped with automatic loading and unloading system, which can automatically complete the feeding and receiving of materials, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

Intelligent layout: The vibrating knife cutting machine for advertising packaging adopts intelligent layout technology, which can automatically optimize the cutting path and layout, improve the material utilization rate and reduce the production cost.

Smooth cutting: Vibrating knife cutting machine adopts high-frequency vibration for cutting, its cutting is smooth and burr-free, which can meet the high quality requirements of advertising packaging products.

Low processing cost:Advertising packaging vibrating knife cutting machine adopts advanced.


Equipment Introduction--Cutting


Flatbed lettering machine

Suitable for polyvinyl chloride film, kraft paper, cardboard, insulating paper, green bare paper, release paper, non-woven fabric, oxford cloth, leather, high-intensity reflective film, instant stickers, non-metallic soft materials and so on.

Can be used for advertising production, arch air tent plate, license plate door emblem plate, outdoor wall advertising plate, banner industry, mechanical equipment spray code plate, pipeline spray lettering, wall advertising spray lettering, work clothes cap printing, advertising production, gift production, printing plate, instrument panels and so on. Selection of details quality into the subtle.

The whole roll of material can be cut automatically and continuously, and the number of cuts can be set freely, which effectively improves the working efficiency. Vacuum adsorption material, equipped with a strong air pump, stronger suction, not easy to deviate from the paper. Multi-language LCD touch screen, LCD touch screen, simple interface, smooth use, support for multi-language. Can be full cut, can be half cut, support the Ko type hot West hollow cutting, water quality standard half cut. According to the material section to adjust the appropriate knife pressure parameters.


Equipment Introduction--Cutting


Laser Marking Machine

This machine utilizes advanced laser technology for marking and engraving a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, glass and ceramics.

Whether it's on an industrial production line or in an individual's creative workshop, our laser marking machines provide high quality and efficient marking solutions.

Our laser marking machines offer fast, accurate marking capabilities, allowing complex patterns and text to be marked in seconds.



Equipment Catalog


Catalog Of Advertising Equipment

Serial number

The name of the device



UV poster printer

screen printing


Metal fiber laser cutting machine

metal cutting


Bending and forming machine

metal molding


Laser welding machine



Smoke processor

Smoke treatment


Advertising shaped engraving machine

Engraving and cutting


Non-metallic laser cutting machine

Engraving and cutting


Laser cutting machine

Engraving and cutting


Vibratory knife cutting machine



lettering machine



laser marking machine




Service Process

After-sales and training

First-class after-sales service and professional technical engineers installation and commissioning and training.
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